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Teaching Complexity is a free webinar series about open and creative teaching approaches, organised by Bonnie Stewart and David White of University of the Arts London.

We’ve already missed the first session but you can get a taste of what the series is about by taking a look at the Connected Teaching session page (includes webinar recording).

The schedule of up coming webinars is as follows.

Openness and Prestige –  29th Jan 3-4pm GMT
Exploring how ‘giving stuff away’ and working openly online can be good for you and your students.
Facilitators: Bonnie Stewart, Catherine Cronin

Digital fieldwork part 1 5th Feb 3-4pm GMT
Get tooled up to undertake some exploratory digital fieldwork.
Facilitators: Matt Lingard, David White

Complexity and creativity –  19th Feb 3-4pm GMT
Learn how to take a creative approach to complex subjects.
Facilitators: David CormierTobias Revell

Digital fieldwork part 226th Feb 3-4pm GMT
Sharing your digital fieldwork experiences.
Facilitators: Matt Lingard, David White, Sheldon Chow

Inclusive spaces – 5th Feb 3-4pm GMT
Ensuring digital teaching and learning welcomes a variety of voices
Facilitators: Bonnie Stewart, Maha Bali , Chris Giliard

If, like me, you can’t make it to the live sessions, they will all be recorded and available afterwards.

Head over to the Teaching Complexity website for a full breakdown of the sessions.


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