Submitting handwritten assessments online

Submitting handwritten assessments online (PDF)

This guide describes how assignments and exams which require handwritten answers (e.g. that involve math solutions, chemical equations and drawn diagrams) can be submitted online. In summary:

  1. Log on to Blackboard, access the correct module and download and view the file containing the assignment/exam questions AND the answer template file.
  2. Write your answers on paper (plain, lined or squared), clearly identifying the start of each question. Also write your candidate number and the page number at the top of each sheet.
  3. When you have finished, take a photo of each page.
  4. Download those photos to your PC.
  5. Open the answer template in Word and add your candidate number to the first page. Insert the photos into the template (one per page) in the correct order. Save your answer file and then Save as a PDF.
  6. Check the PDF and if it all looks OK submit that using the assignment/exam link on Blackboard.
  7. Make sure you check the Preview and click OK to complete the submission process.

This guidance assumes that you are using a Windows 10 PC or Apple Mac to complete the task. An appendix offers advice about using a mobile device instead.

We strongly recommend that you practice steps 2-6 in advance of the assessment.
Take photos of any three pages of existing handwritten notes, download and insert them into a blank Word document and save that as a PDF. You need to be confident that you know how to do this!

You may want to buy lined or squared paper in advance of the assessment.
Also make sure you have two or three suitable pens (e.g. black ink) in case one runs out during the assessment/exam.