Useful guidance about educational videos

There are a wealth of great online resources to help you create good quality and educationally effective videos.

7 Videos That Help You Build Effective Online Courses – this resource from TechSmith, developers of the excellent Camtasia screencast application, describes seven uses of video in online courses and provides a checklist. For more detail and some live examples, see this guide.

  1. Introductory videos at the start of a course
  2. Course navigation/orientation
  3. Introducing a new week or topic
  4. Walkthrough screencasts e.g. how to submit an assignment
  5. Assignment/project feedback
  6. Student-created videos
  7. Concise video lessons

Record demonstration videos in labs and workshops – this brief guide from Panopto shows what is possible using multiple camera inputs.

Top 10 Tips for creating a great screencast – some great ideas, real-world tips and links in this document by three academics. Highly recommended.