Vevox guide for students


Vevox (previously called Meetoo) is a web-based classroom response system that enables you to vote on questions shown by your tutor in-class using your phone, tablet or laptop.

Your tutor may also enable Vevox messages so that the everyone can post, view and like questions and comments.

Watch a 1-minute video showing how to use it

Watch a short video about the benefits.

Joining a Vevox meeting

You do not need to create an account to use Vevox.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the 9-digit Meeting ID – your tutor will show you this.
  3. Click Join

Voting is normally anonymous, but your tutor may require you to create a profile (your name and surname) as you join the meeting, especially if Vevox messages are being used. Your data is safe – please read the Privacy Notice for Students Using Vevox for details.

A Vevox app is available for Apple and Android devices, but the web version is  just as good.

Meetoo multiple-response question  Meetoo multiple-response with Send

Meetoo info screen   Meetoo text question

How to Vote

You will see the question and answer choices when your tutor opens the poll.

  • For multiple-choice questions you simply select your answer.
  • For multiple-response questions, select one or more answers and click Send
  • For text questions, type your answer and click Send

You may need to scroll down to see all the answer choices.

Click Clear while the poll is open to clear your answers and start again.


meetoo messages screenYour tutor may choose to make messages available, in which case you can post questions and comments that can be seen by the whole class. If you agree with the question or comment you can like it, and your tutor may use the number of likes to choose which messages to respond to in class.

  • Click the + button to send a new message
  • Click the hand icon to like a message

Be professional and stay on topic. Show good manners and respect for other’s views. The tutor can choose to moderate, delete or completely turn off messages if necessary.


Troubleshooting and technical support

This is a pilot service and there is no technical support available. That said, the system is very reliable and easy to use. It may not work correctly on old equipment and obsolete browsers, so the first advice is to always update your browser or use Chrome.

If you don’t have a suitable device, can’t connect to wi-fi or have run out of battery, don’t worry. So long as most students can vote, you’ll still get the educational benefit if you commit to an answer by writing it down before your tutor reveals the answer. If you want to ask a question you can put your hand up or briefly borrow a friend’s device and use that to send your message.