Vevox (in-class polling and messages)


Students: go to, enter the 9-digit meeting code and click Join

Note that polling is anonymous and you do not need to create a Vevox account.

Staff: go to and log in using your Aston email and Vevox password

Staff: join the Classroom Response System User Group for updates and online training

UPDATE (September 2021)

Vevox has been approved as an institutional classroom response system and is now available for use by all staff at Aston. See further down this page for details of how to create a staff account that enables you to create meetings and run polls.

About Vevox

Vevox is a classroom response system (CRS) that enables students to answer their tutor’s questions using a web browser – typically on their mobile phone. The results can viewed and shared immediately, providing students with individual feedback on their answer. The tutor gains an overview of the cohort’s answers, allowing them to adapt their teaching or proceed with confidence. The tutor may also enable Vevox Q&A messages so that students can post questions and comments.

Questions, answer options and results are presented through a web browser by the tutor. Vevox offers three question types: multiple-choice, multiple-response and word-cloud. These can also be run as a self-paced survey, for example for mid-module evaluation. Multiple-choice questions with correct answers enable an element of competition using a leaderboard.

Vevox supports large cohorts of up to 1500, and is also suitable for use by conferences, visit days and other events. Participants do not need to create an account or sign in, and polling is anonymous unless you ask people to enter their name or contact details.

As a web-based system, Vevox can also be used to enable quizzes and other learning activities during webinars and other synchronous online learning.

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Creating a Vevox instructor account

Simply create your account using the Sign up for free link at the top of the Vevox homepage.

  • You must use your Aston email address – and will log in to your Vevox account using that.
  • Choose a new password for Vevox – do not use your normal Aston account password.

There is a ‘Forgot password’ link on the Vevox login page that you can use if you do forget that new password!

Online support for Vevox

Vevox provide detailed online guides and FAQs.

They also run weekly ‘getting started’ 15-minute training webinars and regular education webinars – which are recorded so you can access them later.

This site has a page that offers students a brief guide to using Vevox in-class which you could link to from your Blackboard courses.

Join the Classroom Response System User Group for updates and online training

Vevox also has a fully-featured add-in for PowerPoint (Windows only) that is available in all Aston teaching rooms and can be installed on your office or home Windows PC or laptop.

Please note that in most cases staff should contact Adam Warren for advice and support about the use of Vevox, rather than Aston’s TEL Support team, Digital Services or the Vevox support team. This particularly applies to queries about the educational use of Vevox. Technical questions can be usually be quickly answered yourself by viewing the tutorial videos and online guides.

Data Protection

Aston’s Legal Services have reviewed Vevox and confirmed that the service is compliant with the GDPR and does not pose any data protection concerns. Instructors should ensure that students can access information about data collection and privacy for Vevox by adding a link to that page on the relevant Blackboard course.