Vevox PowerPoint add-in

Vevox has a fully-featured add-in for PowerPoint (Windows only – not for Mac) that enables you to seamlessly integrate polling slides into new or existing presentations. You start and end polling and display the results within PowerPoint by simply pressing the Enter key.

  • You can download and install the free add-in directly from Vevox on your own PC or laptop.
  • It will soon be available via Aston Apps for use with the PCs in teaching rooms, and to install on your own Aston laptop.

Note that the add-in is only available for PowerPoint for Windows, and will never be available for Mac due to fundamental differences in the operating system.

If you want to use messaging or surveys you will still need to use the Vevox dashboard in a web browser. Some tutors use a second device, such as an iPad, to display the dashboard and keep an eye on questions and comments.

Vevox does include a really good web-based Present view which works on Windows, Macs and other devices, and can be used with other lecture resources, such as PDFs, videos, Prezi or Keynote. That said, the use of the PowerPoint add-in allows a much smoother experience and avoids the need to switch between your slides and the polling.

Extra features

The add-in provides a few features not available in the web-based view:

A countdown timer. It does not close the poll automatically, so its main use is to indicate how long participants have before they must make a choice.

Analysis slides that compare the results of two identical polls (e.g. before and after). You can compare the results of up to 6 polls on one slide.

Recall slides that re-present the results of an earlier slide. A common use of this feature is if you have decided to hide the results of a poll with the intention of revealing them to the audience later.

Total slides that sum the results of up to six identical polls. A common use for this type of analysis slide is if you are asking the same question to different audiences, multiple times and want to sum together all the instances you have polled the question.

Technical support

Vevox how-to guides about the PowerPoint add-in