Academic Technology Induction

The overall goal of this induction is to give you an overview of the learning technologies that you will need to use to fulfil your new role at Aston. However, it is important to be mindful that the technologies do not exist in isolation and are related to universities policies and processes. As such there are also a number of other technologies included, along with contextually how they “fit” into Aston.

Three pathways, based on academic roles, have been created that will help guide you through the basics. There is often much crossover between roles so if you are not a new member of staff but are performing a new role you may not need to engage with all of the content for every step.

Each role is divided into a number of duties that you will need to perform and the content contextualized appropriately. It is suggested that you engage with the content in the order it is presented, as some duties shouldn’t or can’t be actioned unless previous steps are completed.

Please select the relevant role from the list below.

Programme Director
Module Leader
Graduate Teaching Assistant