Aston’s Digital Learning Support Environment

This guide covers a broad overview of some of the IT systems that make up Aston’s digital learning support environment. Some of these systems directly support core learning and teaching, while others indirectly support this by managing vital information. While it is not envisaged that you will become an expert in Aston’s systems networking we believe that it is important that you have a broad understanding of what type of information is stored where and that you are aware of terminology that is likely to be used by colleagues day to day.

Many of these systems are not supported by the Technology Enhanced Learning Team. Responsibility for these systems lie with other teams in the institution. If you require any training or support please get in touch with the relevant team. Contact information for each has been included in this guide.


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Contact Information

Learning Technologies – Blackboard, Collaborate, Turnitin, Aston Replay, Kaltura

For advice, training, and support to staff engaged in embedding technology-enhanced learning into teaching practice, learning, curriculum development and assessment practice to improve the student experience and to optimise their individual outcomes.

Please email

My Module Reading List or any other Library related tool

The library team is made up of a number of Information Specialists that can not only support you in use of the tools but also offer specialised subject advice.

Take a look at the Information Specialist contact page for more information.


Contact –


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Ordinarily, this system is only accessed by school administrative staff.

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For training please book a course through the HR staff portal or take a look at the SITS Training Materials.

Core – HR Staff Portal

For help with Core email