Which Assessment tool? (Blackboard vs Turnitin quick guide)

Please note: This TEL handbook is currently work in progress and not the finished article. 

This should be thought of as a “quick guide”. It is far from exhaustive in terms of all the possible assessment types but does deal with the most commonly used types at Aston.

If you are selecting a tool based upon the submission type/format this decision chart below should help.

If you are selecting a tool based on the feedback type/format that you would like to use the chart below should help.

Feedback type Turnitin Blackboard
Single Overall Comment Yes Yes
Grading Forms Yes No
Inline/Annotated comments Yes Yes
Digital Ink No Download the submitted file and annotate using your chosen annotation software and hardware. Reattach file as feedback.
Rubrics Yes Yes
Audio Record audio in Turnitin but limited to 3mins. Very easy & quick. An audio file of any length can be attached as feedback. Requires you to record audio outside of Blackboard in “other” software and then export and upload to BB.
Video/screencasts No Yes
Ability to see student engagement with feedback Yes No
Feedback on none submitted assessment Possible by submitting a feedback document “on behalf” of the student. Via a manually created grade centre column.