No Primary Media error in Aston Replay (Panopto)

Recently we have seen Aston Replay (Panopto) recording being created with no content and the error message, ‘No Primary Media’.
You can take steps to guard against this happening to your lecture recording.


1. Always check that the volume indicator is moving in Panopto

This is the most important step.
Switch on the mic and test it. You should see the lights moving up and down in time to your voice.

2. Restart Panopto

If Panopto is not registering your mic, or if it does not seem to be behaving as it should, close Panopto down and re-open it.

3. Contact AV Support as soon as you identify a problem

If the mic is not working, or the lights are not moving, you should contact AV Support using the speed dial button on the telephone in your teaching room. They will endeavour to attend and solve the problem as quickly as possible.

4. Further information

Guidance on using Panopto in the pool teaching rooms:

Information and instructions on the equipment in pool teaching rooms:

AV support:, 0121 204 4221

5. If this has happened to you

Did you know you can use Panopto on your own computer?
You can use Panopto at your desk to re-record your lost lecture. You won’t have the student interaction but you will have a concise version of your lecture and slides for your students to view.

If you need some help using Panopto at your desk, contact the TEL team on or 0121 204 4885.

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