OneNote for Medical students

I’m currently designing a new induction/workshop session about how to use OneNote. Its primary audience will be students in Aston Medical School and as such, I have been doing a little research regarding specifically how medical students might use the tool. During this process, I came across a couple of videos that I felt gave some good insight which I have shared below.

As our students all receive an iPad as part of the course, I felt this first video by Anas Nuur Ali (a 4th-year Medical student at UCL) was particularly relevant. Anas has a Youtube Channel that he uses to share his experiences of being a Medical student.

This is another video about using an iPad for note-taking this time from the Med School Insiders Channel. It does delve into a wider selection of Apps that are available for iPad and I feel there are some useful points made. You can jump straight to the part about OneNote at 4:18 but I would encourage you to watch the whole video.

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